5 Most Gregorius Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes are always launching new products whose designs are very beautiful shoes
Every time they launched Yves Sain Laurent shoes design new, I feel they're tempting me to buy it.

Although very expensive, but it is in great demand by the socialita in the world. And you?

Here are 5 Yves Saint Laurent shoes are much in demand by the women in the world. Including me too:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Platform Pump Suede
Atractive growing niche to red-colored. High heels of medium height is much to inspire the models around the world. Offered at a price of $ 179.99.

2. Yves Saint Laurent Suede Boots
Black beads decorated with white pearls. Very harmonious when used during winter or travel to a country. When combined with a jacket or scarf will suit any color Because black tends to neutral. Offered at a price of $ 239.99

3. Yves Saint Laurent Sandals Blue Suede
The combination of two gorgeous colors blue and red. According to the level legged Because the models is open. Rope at the edges are golden accents that cause elegant style Appear in it. This models is offered at a price of 169.99

4. Yves Saint Laurent Snakeskin Patent Leather Platform Pump
Snake skin a dream for every woman to be handbags and shoes. Because in addition to the unique shape also models the strength of the material is durable for decades. It's suitable for use in evening party will look glamorous. Offered at a price of $ 183.99

5. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Patent Short Boots Red
Boot shape has always been a target of women. Especially as trendy and comfortable to wear anywhere. The color red leather with a material that is durable and long lasting. Offered at a price of $ 179.99

Do You Interested With This One?

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