Now, Ice-watch Present in Indonesia

Ever hear Ice-watch?

Ever hear the name Ice-watch? This is a brand new watch creation produce from the country that food-producing chocolates, Belgium. In this country, as creator, Jean-Pierre Lutgen, have a dream to create a watch that is different from the others. A watch that style, in contrast, for young children, can be used to express, but still lightweight. In 2007, Jean-Pierre's Ice-watch was launched internationally.

The design is quite expressive with light colors, cuts in broad outline, a classic, but it has a trendy detail to make Ice-watch wristwatch interesting to have, even now, not a few people who start collecting. No wonder, since, according to its owner, Ice-watch concept was born from an idea to bring a wide range of watches that color with plastic material to eliminate the impression of monotony and "heavy" in the hands of the user. In a way, this collection is suitable for their annual youth until age 35.

Only in three years, and certainly helped with the campaign not only silent, this watch brand is now in approximately 30 countries, with 2000 sales of point of sales. In a proclamation to the press and even supplied the evidence that has many artists, as well as magazine photo shoot for a high class fashion magazine pages involving Ice-watch wristwatch. Now, Ice-watch began to enter the Indonesian market.

Compared hours with the other type, Ice-watch was judged to have advantages. For example, a variety of colors, making it suitable for young children who want to mutually colors, according to mood. The form design does not rigid, but not too excessive. The materials used most among others; silicon, polycarbonate, and plasceramic, making this watch a light and not too expensive. While for the machine, Ice-watch reportedly using machine Miyota watches from Japan, supposedly better than most watches the machine.

But, indeed, if judging from the price, nor could juxtaposed with Japanese watches products that lead to the same market. When juxtaposed with the European watches product, Ice-watch is exactly more affordable. In addition, Ice-watch also offers a packaging wrapper to be collected. For the packaging box, made similar Removable toy so if you can arrange the packaging boxes if you have more than one box packaging.

Ice-watch has a collection of at least 11 lines of watches to choose from with each design style. There are the full list of Ice-watches, among others; Classic (899 000), sili (1100000-1250000), Flower (1.05 million), Gold & Silver, Chrono (1800000-2490000), Gold Rose (1390. 000-1530000), Stone (1990000-2890000), Ocean (1.25 million), 1844 (1390000-1530000), XXL (1.99 million), and Neon (970000-1100. 000). There are available in three sizes : in diameter whole hours (not just the glass circle) for men and women; S (diameter 38mm), M (48mm diameter), and unisex (43 mm).

"Currently in Europe, watches fashion-watch Ice is currently booming, and increasingly also other branded watches using design ideas from plastic watches. Ice-watch is now available in Metro Department Store, Sogo Emporium and Sogo Pondok Indah, in the month of August; we will open again at Gandaria Mall, Sogo Bali, Surabaya and Sogo, "explained Rano, Marketing from Macindo Indonesia, Ice-watch the official distributor in Indonesia.

Now, the question is, Can Ice-watch watches compete in Indonesia which has many familiar with wristwatches Asian production? What about your own like the design?

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