Eyes Care

Eyes Care
What Girl Needs - Although many realize that the eye is an important part of appearance, but it is the freshness and beauty of skin around the eyes instead of the most often overlooked.

And the skin around the eyes is very thin, very easy problem. And if so far you think that wearing a facial moisturizer is enough moisturize, opinion is not correct. The content contained in facial moisturizer too harsh for the skin around the eyes.

Cream eye cream is not a 'multi-tasking' that can solve all the problems of the skin around the eyes. The first step you should do is identify the problem first, then select a cream that is suitable to cope

Dark circles under eyes
Can be caused by genetic factors (heredity) in which the skin around the eyes more vulnerable and more darkened circle at the ripe age. This is caused by the decreased skin elasticity. Other causes of non-genetic, such as lack of exercise so that the body lacks oxygen supply, blood circulation is not smooth, decreased stamina, lack of sleep, pollution and stress. Eye cream for dark circles, was that contains optical diffusers or sunscreen. It can be helpful to overcome the problem of pigmentation. Creams containing vitamin K is also good to help disguise dark circles.

Puffy eyes
Caused by the accumulation of fluid under the eyes, irritation, or allergies. Fluids accumulate under the eyes during sleep; it is only temporary, while longer if puffy eyes caused by allergies, sinus, or PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome). To cope with puffy eyes, use eye cream gel form that is cool. Use moisturizing cream-shaped eyes can actually make the eyes puffier. The surface of the skin around the eyes is very thin, was also unable to adapt to the changing air extreme. Hot and cold temperature changes can cause irritation in this section.

Eye bags
Caused by the exhaust system or the lymphatic drainage of body fluids that are less smooth. It can also be caused by excess fat on the inside of the skin, so it looks a bit swollen and the eye bags. Can also because eating fatty foods and excessive salty. To minimize eye bags, use eye cream or gel that can improve skin elasticity. If the eye bags look slack choose a cream containing collagen, whereas to eliminate it, can only be done with plastic surgery.

Wrinkles around the eyes
The skin around the eyes only contain natural oils that very little, even if your skin type, including oily. That is why the area has become more intense and easily wrinkled. The main thing that triggered the fine wrinkles are dehydrated skin, premature aging and biological aging. Wrinkles on the outside corner of the eye, also called crow's feet, caused by premature aging due to exposure to excessive sunlight, which damages the collagen and elastin tissue on the face muscles. Facial expressions around the eyes when talking, frowning, even laughing can lead to smooth wrinkles. To fix this, select the eye creams that contain vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A in the form of retinoid useful to camouflage wrinkles and protect and strengthen skin tissue by increasing collagen production.

BEAUTIFUL EYES Cream and Lotion Care

DuraSkin Eye Cream 575.000IDR
For ages 18 years and over. This cream is produced with nano technology. Particles nutrients contained in it can be absorbed by the skin more optimally. It helps metabolism of the skin around the eyes. Vitamins A, C, and E which contains maintain collagen which makes the skin around the eyes still tight and bright. Use regularly to help overcome the problem of wrinkles and dark skin around the eyes, while maintaining firmness and elasticity.

Light Garnier Eye Roll On 49.000IDR
For ages 20 years and over. This Cream is containing transparent liquids that have rotated through the roll on giving fresh and cold sensation in the skin around the eyes. It can be used at any time: when the eyes have a sense of fatigue, sleepiness, or too long staring at a computer screen.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream 139.000IDR
For age: 25 years and over. Helps reduce wrinkles around the eyes with natural ingredients of vitamin E. Suitable for use on the day and night.

Madame Korner Vital Eyes 499.000IDR
For ages 20 years and over. It is a very effective treatment to overcome the signs of premature aging around the eyes. Abortion consists of collagen, elastin, vitamin E, macadamia oil, and wheatgerm oil. This cream is also as an antioxidant, which maintains elasticity, moisture, and firmness.

The Body Shop Moisture White Eye Serum 309.000IDR
For ages 25 and over. Helps reduce dark hue and puffy. Make your skin look smooth and radiant. Both are used at night.

The Body Shop Wise Woman Eye Cream 259.000IDR
For age: 25 years and over. Helps reduce dark hue, puffy, smooth wrinkles in the eye area and make the skin more radiant. The combination of aloe vera & marula oil and soy and rice make eye area feel tighter, smoother, and not puffy. Used in the afternoon and evening.

Oriflame Eye Cream Ecollagen 99.000IDR
For ages 25 and over. Cream to overcome the dark circles and reduce wrinkles. Can be applied in the morning and evening, and the condition of the eye is clean.

Estee Lauder ANR Eye Recovery Complex 580.000IDR
For ages 30 years and over. Is a series of Advanced Night Repair, especially for problem skin around the eyes, such as fine lines, dry skin, puffy, and dark circles. Suitable for all skin types. Serum texture resembles soft and lightweight gel helps strengthen skin tissue and keep the skin moist. Apply every morning and night.

L'Oreal Revitalift Double Eye Lift 119.000 IDR
For ages 30 years and over. Overcoming the signs of aging around the eyes with 2 steps. For the areas under the eyes, the content of pro-retinol a forte able to refine the fine lines under the eyes and removes eye bags As for the eyelid area, its content latexyl can create a sagging eyelids become tight again.

SK II Signs Eye Cream 880.000 IDR
For ages 30 years and over. This cream can reduce fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles in the eye. A unique concoction of seven ingredients including concentrated Pitera ™, invigorating all parts of the eye. Signs Eye Cream Apply twice daily around the eyes, including eyelids.
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