Sensitive Skin Treatment

Sensitive Skin Treatment The skin feels itchy and red; especially on the cheeks, nose, and chin are the only part of the signs of sensitive skin. In addition, it’s often accompanied by acne, dry skin, and the pain. If you experience this, of course, the skin deserves preferential treatment for healthier skin. It is named of Sensitive Skin.

Why Sensitive?
Sensitive skin is a condition in which excess skin responds to changes in temperature or a certain cosmetic ingredients that can damage the health of skin. For example, extreme temperature changes from room air-conditioned room that is exposed to sunlight exposure. Or it could be due to transfer to where the climate is very different.

This is Sensitive Skin Treatment
Other causes are also often encountered is the result of incorrect use of cosmetic products. Several types of cosmetics may contain active ingredients that can not be accepted by the skin. In addition, the use of cosmetics in the portion of excessive or usage in the time period is too long can also trigger skin becomes sensitive.

Normal skin you do not have the heart first. Therefore, it is possible in Sensitive Skin Treatment that normal skin condition will be amended to be more sensitive. Sensitive skin can also be caused by exposure to UV light and certain food ingredients. At the time of sunburned skin, formation of collagen in the skin structure becomes imperfect, as well as pigment and melanin that makes skin aging process occurs earlier so the skin becomes sensitive.

Skin sensitivity often arises when we eat certain foods. This condition is triggered by the presence of rejection or allergic to these foods. For example, spicy foods, foods or beverages containing yeast, chocolate, vinegar, caffeine, or alcohol.

If your skin is included in the class of sensitive skin, of course you should not treat the skin in vain. You are required extra care in choosing cosmetics, foods, and protect the skin from UV rays and temperature changes. What’s the trick?

As an initial step that must be done is to choose a facial cleanser with lightweight materials, and select astrigent that do not contain alcohol. Likewise, liquid soap, choose that do not contain detergent and fragrance materials. This material contains an active substance that will make the skin becomes increasingly dry and itchy.

For facial moisturizer, avoid oil-based. Instead in Sensitive Skin Treatment, choose a water-based and has soothing properties.

Choose cosmetics with ingredients that are to reduce redness of the skin, for example asulene which is a flower extract that is giving coolness on the skin. Or extracts of jojoba, which has the function of providing protection at the network layer of skin epidermis. Also aloe Vera is also efficacious in reducing skin sensitivity reactions and can also be useful as an antioxidant. During the move outdoors, use sunscreen with appropriate SPF skin needs. SPF that is too high it will make your skin sensitive because the higher the active substance to be absorbed through the skin so the skin becomes unhealthy. Avoid cosmetic products that contain acid because it is eroding and diluting the skin cells.

Oxygen Facial
Time: 120 minutes
Caring for sensitive skin had to be extra careful because the skin can not receive any treatment. It’s nothing wrong if you maintain the beauty of your skin by trying oxygen facials.

This facial uses pure oxygen and a combination of botanical serum to increase the oxygen levels in the skin and helps regenerate cells as well as tackling the various impacts of pollution and free radicals by eliminating toxins from the skin.

1. The face is cleaned beforehand with cleansing, toner, and scrub. The content of ginseng extract, green tea, and lemon can restore moisture and maintaining skin pH balance.

2. Basting enzyme mask to assist in the removal of dead skin cells.
3. Massage the face and chest for relaxation before the extraction process. This massage is not done on very sensitive skin areas.
4. Spray pure oxygen and serum to improve skin conditions and brighten facial skin.


At an unusual reaction on the skin, many people simply say that their skin including sensitive skin type. In fact, it is not always the case.

1. Symptom rocacea not classified as sensitive skin. Character is quickly flushed skin, blemishes, enlarged pores, skin texture feels tight and sometimes appears acne. Usually caused by hormonal changes resulting from the use of birth control pills for long periods or may be due to consumption of spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, stress, and due to changes in temperature extremes. This condition can be relieved with antibiotics.

2. Eczema. Usually detected by the appearance of blisters (like blisters) on the facial skin, red rash, and skin layers are peeled off, often accompanied by intense itching. Eczema occurs because the body's rejection or allergic to certain ingredients.

3 Sun damage. Reaction is caused when we bask in the sun, despite using sunscreen. The skin becomes burned and tanned spots arise.
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