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The key condition for trouble-free face is you must be cleaning the face regularly. Suggest by Cosmetologist when you come back from travelling is:

1) At first you must be wash your hands, brush make-up remover to remove makeup
2) Then apply cleansing milk (oily skin) or cleansing oil (dry skin) with cotton on face up to the neck
3) Continue with the appropriate type of skin toner. When the skin is very dry, avoid wearing excessive toner, just two days once.
4) The final step is facial foam, can be done in the bath.

Face Cleanser Dictionary These steps are fairly cumbersome, which is why manufacturers of skin care products create a product cleanser practical to summarize all the steps above.

Cleanser type recently made diverse kinds and purposes. There is a form of oils, creams, viscous liquid (emulsion), wipes, and even powder. Although different species, all have the same properties that is able to neutralize the skin moist conditions return.

1 CLEANSING OIL - Bobbi Brown USD42$
Suitable for dry skin. This is the practical steps to remove makeup as well as nourish the skin. Contains olive and jojoba oils that soften nutritious and makes the skin supple. Plus the ginger root extract which gives the sensation of comfort and soothe the skin pores that stress caused by free radicals and pollution.

How to use: Pour enough in the palm of the hand; wipe the face begins with the eyes and eyelashes to remove eye makeup. Then wipe the entire face. Rinse with warm water.

Tip: do not have to dampened face, but rubbed with wet hands. Do a little massage to the face when wiped so stimulated to regenerate skin cells.

Suitable for very dry skin that often in air-conditioned room or in the hot sun. Contains rose hip oil and tea oil which is believed to moisturize very dry skin
and scaly.

How to use: Pump 2-3 times the container, pour into the palm of the hand, and immediately rubbed on a dry face. Rinse with warm water.

Tip: It feels a little residue afterwards. Never mind, it will disappear after you wash your face with facial foam. If it still feels, reduce the dosage used.

Designed for sensitive skin that tends to dry. This contains product is green tea extract and catechin which is a source of antioxidants and protects skin from free radicals. Suitable also for you who love to make up thick or waterproof cosmetic because it contains ginkgo leaf extracts that trigger the regeneration of skin cells so that the face was dull.

How to use: Pour into the palms, then rubbed his face dry, then add warm water to turn the texture into the emulsion. Rinse with water.

Tip: Focus sweep in the area of air-makeup, such as eyes, cheeks, and lips.

4. Comforting CREAM CLEANSER - Clinique USD31$
With the form of a soft cream suitable for sensitive skin, dry or combination skin. Rich in glycerine, so that afterwards the skin will feel moist.

How to use: Pour enough into the palm of the hand, rubbed on the face, then rinse with water or wipe with a tissue when you kind of combination skin.

Tip: If you feel the residue in the face, meaning that the dose is too much. Use a little and rinse thoroughly with water.

Fitting for skin prone to blackheads tends to dry and sensitive. It is the creamy texture of the material
mineral and oil-free with suitable for cleaning with a thorough foundation cake or liquid form.

How to use: Apply on face with fingers, focus on areas of the forehead and laugh lines to relax tense muscles. Rinse with a damp sponge or cotton.

Tip: In order not to change the composition of products, always use a spatula and do not directly touch of cream in the container with your finger.

The packaging is practical and easy to apply. Fit to travel, to the gym, or take a trip at the weekend. Contains balm mint, linden, and ginger root extract. In addition to lifting makeup, stress also makes the skin so moist, cool and comfortable. It is made from natural ingredients making it safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

How to use: Apply on the palms, then rubbed on the face of it flat.

Although the shape creamy, still feels light on skin. Contains shea butter, wheat germ oil, and organic soya oil which is believed to remove impurities and makeup as well as nourish the skin. Suitable for different skin types, especially dehydrated skin and is often exposed to pollution and cigarette smoke.

How to use: Moisten face, apply enough cream in your palms, wipe the face, and rinse with the water.

Tip: Suitable use after sun or after a vacation because this product is also
Soothing nature.

Oil-free gel cleanser makeup can lift once with a maximum of sebum without causing irritation to the skin, because it contains ultra-gentle formula for gentle and safe to use every day.
How to use: Wash face, apply cleanser to the face until the foam, rinse with warm water.
Tip: When to oily skin, be followed by a toner. So the skin moisture is preserved. Add moisturizer to make it more leverage.

9. Gentle Foaming FACIAL CLEANSER - Kiehl's USD36$
Feel comfortable in the skin. In addition the product function is lifting makeup and dirt in the face also can protect the skin from acne because it contains allantoin. Texture is not sticky or greasy to leave an impression on the face. Suitable for normal skin, sensitive and dry because it is rich in apricot kernel oil and avocado oil that moisturize the skin functioning.

How to use: Simply wipe evenly on the face, then rinse. Once a week you may use a wet washcloth.

Tip: Use twice a day. This step may proceed with the toner.

10 NEW Complexion purifying foaming cleanser - Revlon USD73$

Shaped foam produces abundant foam to remove makeup and dirt on the face. It is suitable for normal to oily skin.

How to use: Rinse face with water then wipes and rinse.

Tip: For thick liquid eyeliner should use eye makeup remover before.
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