Improve the face without a facelift or plastic surgery

Improve the face without a facelift or plastic surgery
Any woman would crave the face that looks beautiful and attractive. But, no doubt, surely there's always a disturbing feeling in the mind. There are just part of the face that feels less than perfect. The flood of beautiful face westernized in print and television media is indirectly giving a major influence on the new standard of beauty.

Not all Asian women are born with high nasal bone that looks sharp, and high cheekbones that gave the impression of a gaunt face. With a variety of reasons, alter the face by injecting silicone or surgery used as a way out to get a desirable face shape. But be careful, be wises in choosing this treatment, because it requires sacrifice, ie, postoperative pain, not to mention the side effects that may occur. If you are the type who was afraid of needles and surgery, and laser treatments biomesolift punktur can conjure up a pretty face instantly, without surgery. Both of these techniques are relatively safe as the choice for form and correct the shape of the face. This is the method of improve the face without a facelift or plastic surgery

(Time: 30 minutes)
This treatment aims to reduce the appearance of cheeks that look more gaunt and proportionate. It also can reduce the crease on the chin and tighten the skin of the neck area. This treatment uses diamond machine liposculpt, namely sophisticated tool that works is to stimulate the skin tissue by suction and release, which repeated the process with the movement and remove with a siphon-shaped pipe. This tool is combined with a series of special care products made from natural making it safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin even.

Apart form the contours of the skin, this tool is also able to clean the skin, smooths and brightens skin tones, as well as tighten. Maximum results will look after undergoing five treatments are performed regularly in a week or 3 times a week. Besides the face, biomesolift technique can also be used as a care establishment and slimming the body contours.

• Always consult with a therapist or physician before performing beauty treatments.
• If the face is in a state of the inflamed acne, you should not do this treatment, to avoid the occurrence of infection.
• For optimal results, do the treatment once every one week, and from home care by using a collagen mask, for a pretty face longer.

(Time: 30 minutes)
This treatment is a combination of science of acupuncture with laser technology. Initially because many clients are afraid of needles, the laser technology used as a replacement of needles placed at acupuncture points in order to stimulate the nerves nose, so as to correct the form of nose, nasal bones form the contours and make sharp.

Fired is pure oxygen, it is painless and safe, because it is noninvasive, which does not damage skin tissue. Prior to treatment, clients are encouraged to conduct prior consultation, to determine the program or package of care.

• The needle used is a special acupuncture needles are disposable beauty, so there is no term sterilized needles after use.
• acupuncture needle thrust only on the second layer of the skin, the dermis layer.
• This treatment can be done despite being pimpled face, while not large, inflamed acne. And, this treatment can fix your nose shape is not as you wish after surgery or treatment with injection of silicone.
• Clients do not need to do anything special facial treatment after laser punktur.
• Clients can take pictures or photos as examples of the nose the desired shape, form appropriate and permanent will be obtained and locked after ten treatments.
• end result will be different from the results of silicone injections or surgery, because the shape of the nose is more natural.

Are you interest to do this? Let’s Improve the face without a face lift or plastic surgery.
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