Keloid Skin Problems

Keloid Skin Problems What Girl Needs - Keloid scar is an excessive (abnormal) that occur during wound healing process, especially deep wounds, such as scar, puncture wounds, or burns.

Generally, the keloid is a thick tissue with a smooth surface and smooth. The shape is round or elongated oval, sometimes irregular wound surfaces exceed her own. Keloid color varies, there are pink, red, to purple or blackish.

Congenital factors. Actually, not all people have a keloid on her body. Apparently congenital factors play a role. In those who are not talented keloids, although people such as burns or had undergone Caesarean section, keloids are still not appearing.

Conversely, those who are gifted keloids, BCG injections used when toddler alone, can cause keloids. In addition, not all of the body surface groove keloids. Parts of the body 'favorite' keloids include the arm, neck or neck front bottom of the back, chest, abdomen, thighs and legs.

Can be reduced? Unfortunately, until now there has been no treatment of keloids is complete and satisfactory. However, there are several things you can do to simply reduce the bulge of keloids. It is also very dependent on the type (magnitude and depth) keloid.

Small keloid, generally can be reduced by injections of corticosteroid drugs several times.

Thick keloids, can be done:

* Surgery, which is taking keloid by surgery plastic surgeon. After the operation wound healed, new dibeikan injection or corticosteroid creams. However, this action should first prepare, because in some people, it is not impossible even cause keloid surgery new.

* Using laser beam, which is must be done over and over again, according to large or wide keloid.
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