3 Steps for Beauty

3 Steps for Beauty
More Than Words ~ Having a facial skin smooth, clean, and healthy capital has become the basis for performance excellence. Especially for the active woman of today who are always required to perform perfectly every time.

But, healthy skin not only cleans the rest of the cosmetics and dirt, but also should have been upgraded and has a natural moisture balance.

This can be obtained by diligent cleaning your face properly.

1. Start with SOAP CLEANER

Do not use any soap. We recommend that you select a special soap gentle face, does not cause allergies, and do not contain fragrance. Try Clinique facial soap that is soft textured and capable of raising the rest of sebum and cosmetics, as well as moisturize the skin.

Not only have that, the content of petrolatum served to protect the vitality of the skin, and glycerin efficacious give comfort to the skin. The formula is suitable for all skin types, ranging from mild to extra-dry skin type, mild to normal skin, oily skin and oily skin with a formula for extra refreshment. In fact, even for sensitive skin, soap cleanser will give a sense of comfort, clean and fresh.


You know, every day the skin to form a new layer of dead skin cells? Meanwhile, new skin cell turnover cycle occurs naturally between 14-28 days. However, due to age and lifestyle factors, regeneration of new skin cells could be inhibited not as expected.

It can not be ignored, because if not prompted to accelerate the turnover of new skin cells, the skin will appear dull and rough. So, to help the regeneration of new skin cells, after the face is cleaned with soap, made the second step, the exfoliating or sloughing off dead skin cells on a regular basis 2 times a day (morning and evening). In addition to making more radiant skin, exfoliation is also a way to disguise fine lines, slow down premature aging, and help open clogged pores, without causing irritation.

As a result, skin looks more clean and healthy, moisturizer will work better and make-up looks more natural look

3. SKIN NEED humidity

The final step in skin care is to apply moisturizer to the skin, which makes the skin healthier with natural moisture balance. Tropical climates and are often located in air-conditioned room is very easy to quickly dry skin conditions and dehydrated. For that, apply moisturizer to the entire face and neck regularly.

A good lotion is easily absorbs into the skin, such as dramatically different moisturizing lotion. This lotion also will provide comfort and make the skin feel softer. The formula is refreshing, very useful for providing moisture to all skin types. (What Girl Needs)
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