Vertigo are Signs of Specific Diseases

Many consider attacked by vertigo can cause death. But according to medical so far, the assumption has not been proven.
from the side of medical science, vertigo is actually just a symptom of a particular disease.

For example vertigo can be a marker of the disturbances on the brain. For example, lesions in the brain stem, tumors or brain cancer.

In addition, the vertigo is also a symptom signs of blockage of blood to the brain. Blockage of blood vessels in the brain causes the brain deprived of oxygen.

Impaired blood circulation in the vessels can also be characterized by vertigo. Impaired circulation can be triggered by many factors, among others, the occurrence of plaque in blood vessel walls, increasing blood viscosity, or hardening of blood vessel walls.

"Disorders of blood circulation is due to some diseases, such as blood sugar or diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure or hypertension, and high cholesterol," said Suhanto Kasmali, General Practitioners Mediros Hospital, East Jakarta.

Impaired blood circulation can also be caused ooleh unhealthy lifestyle. Like cigarettes and consume beverages containing alcohol. Other causes, never exercise, and often eat fatty foods, like fried foods, fast food or junk food aliases.

When blood circulation is not smooth, then the intake of oxygen to the organ was not perfect. This can lead to dangerous complications. Because, all the organs of the body require oxygen.

Seretnya blood circulation becomes fatal when the disorder is a blood vessel leading to vital organs like heart, brain, kidneys. Impaired circulation to the brain can cause stroke, disorders of the blood vessels to the kidneys causing kidney failure, and disruption of the blood vessels of the heart can cause heart failure. Well, this is what can lead to death, so it was not vertigonya.

Disorders of the ear also could be something disturbing. For example, disorders of the ears is because there is a bacterial infection of the organ in the inner ear labyrinthitis alias. These infections can make a person vertigo accompanied by vomiting and a high body temperature. This condition needs serious handling. Because, if not handled properly, infection can affect the other organs and may lead to complications.

Vertigo can also be a marker of tumor on the auditory nerve or the nerve of balance, which lies between the ears and brain.

If this happens, the necessary treatment such as surgery. Leaving the tumor certainly fatal to the sufferer death also affected by smoke.

Besides being a physical disorder, vertigo attacks can also be caused by psychological disturbance. If you stress, tension, lack of sleep, or stand for long periods, can also get vertigo

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