Woman Stress Management

woman in stress

Women are higher stress than men, either through biological, psychological, and emotional. Cause women to have more external controls in him with more use of emotion rather than logic. Happiness women also tend to be determined by others, not by her, especially in relation pairs.

Women have more complex problem. For example, women have to adapt when faced with puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth. With a complex problem, women are more stressed because of his tendency to rely more female brains work emotion than logic.

Each individual's adult age, must meet the task of psychological self-development. If the task was not fulfilled, they will appear stressed because of pressure from within themselves and the environment.

The expert said explained that among other tasks related to the pair a more serious relationship, levels of marriage, courtship, building a young family, becoming young parents, parents to bear life, and pursue a career.

Not to mention the choice between continuing education by taking care of children and families.

Success in the age is growing as human beings with normal adults, with the accomplishment of all tasks. So fair if there are women who feel depressed when the time had not yet married as adults, for example. This feeling is normal, because it is the duty of developments that need to be met and can not be avoided.

The complex problem makes higher stress in women. Plus women tend to be positioned in a social (gender roles), more sub ordinal, so that women tend to be difficult to control himself and always relying on others.

Women tend to see themselves as if to say that I do not deserve to be happy. Women are more to see what other people happy.

It is important to understand for a woman, that he should have control over her life. Controlling everything that can be controlled, at least by saying that he is also entitled to be happy with his choices.

This awareness must be built, and if it is conscious should be able to get out of the situation.

How many women are aware of this but did not dare to leave because there is no longer afraid of going to love her. In the end, stay in unhealthy relationships, such as violence in the household or dating violence, later still, culminate in marriage

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