Phytomer Seawater Pearls Ritual can Prevents Premature Skin Aging

Moisturization is essential in maintaining the skin’s softness, comfort and suppleness. More importantly, it prevents premature skin aging. No wonder, a moisturizing treatment is one of the two most requested treatments in a beauty salon.

A recognized name in the salon and spa industry for its perfect mastery of the benefits of the marine world, Phytomer introduces a new moisturizing treatment that truly reflects its expertise – the Seawater Pearls Ritual.

Apart from offering an utterly pleasant experience, this delightful procedure is a comprehensive treatment that uses all of the benefits of seawater to intensively moisturize the face and hands, helping to prevent signs of premature aging.

The main step of the Seawater Pearls Ritual involves a massage through the use of the bolus, which is a linen holder containing Seawater Pearls and Gigartina Gel. It is inspired by traditional Thai methods to provide total relaxation while stimulating microcirculation for an optimally effective treatment.

Phytomer Seawater Pearls Ritual can Prevents Premature Skin Aging

The Seawater Pearls softly break open, releasing the moisturizing and remineralizing properties of alginates, as well as the replenishing powers of marine calcium.

The Gigartina Gel allows the bolus to glide over the face for a pleasant rehydrating massage that works out tension and delivers an intense sensation of well-being. Gigartina is a red seaweed that transforms into an ultra-moisturizing and remineralizing gel when rehydrated with warm water.

It is rich in marine sugars which promote the skin’s absorption of the seaweed ingredients while trapping water molecules in the skin. A real thirst-quencher for dehydrated and dry skin.

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