How to Use and Caring the Contact Lenses for Your Eyes so you looks Enchanting

The use of contact lenses (soft lenses) is increasingly becoming the trend did not know the age limit. Users will increasingly numerous and increasingly young age.

Aside from being a tool for correcting problems, contact lenses also serves cosmetics. Today, not only the color of eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner or that can be played to make the eyes look more "talk". The use of contact lenses can encourage the appearance of your eyes to make it look more radiant. Just for information, contact lenses are not only used as a corrective lens (helps eyesight), but also for cosmetic purposes (for beauty).

You are looking for trendy and always up to date, try the occasional use of colored contact lenses adapted to color clothes. Like a lot do by the artists who put forward fashion, like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, who often change their eye color contact lenses.

Both have the original eye color is brown. However, now they use the blue colored contact lenses that look in accordance with their blond hair.

How to Use and Caring the Contact Lenses for Your Eyes so you looks EnchantingFor your makeup and enjoyed the classic type, you can choose contact lenses with more muted colors, like brown or black. To beautify the slanted eye view, try the contact lenses that can zoom in view of the iris (the black part of the eye).

Like the artists Laudya Chintya Bella, she chooses the product of this kind of eye contact lenses. She said that this type of contact lenses can help her look more refreshed, even when she was only four hours sleep the previous night.

Contact lenses help make the display look bigger eyeball so it looks more sparkle.

The important users can already take care of contact lenses and her eyes well.

Contact lenses are direct contact with our eyes. Hygiene problems will affect eye health. Let's be careful caring for contact lenses.

1. Wash with soap and dry hands before handling contact lenses. Use mild soapy water and towel dry.

2. Remove contact lenses before applying or removing cosmetics. Do not use hairspray while wearing contact lenses because it will leave scars and damage the lens.

3. Do not use tap water or homemade cleaners for cleaning or wetting contact lenses.

4. Use products in accordance with the recommendation of nurses lens doctor. Do not use liquid re nurse lens.

5. Some bacteria can penetrate certain contact lenses. After cleaning, rub each lens in the palm of the hand for a few seconds, and then soak the lens in a solution of antibacterial and cleaning in accordance with the instructions before using it again. This action is most okay to kill most bacteria.

6. Clean the container box with a contact lens cleaning solution sterile and wind-wind to dry. Replace the box every three months.

People whose eyes are experiencing active inflammation or active allergy, there is a dry eye disorders (dry eyes) asks, should not wear contact lenses. Abnormalities of eyelid does not close perfectly also not allowed to use contact lenses.

People with diabetes who do not control their blood sugar levels also should not use contact lenses.

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