Cheek dimples Surgery as The Latest Trend Cosmetic Surgery.

Jennifer Garner with the Smile Dimples
Sometimes, people smiling, they were become so attractive because they have the dimples on his face. That are even become a cute when he smiled broadly. People are blessed with dimples seems to get a bonus to make himself look more attractive without the need for hard work.

Dimples are a dominant physical characteristic, though sometimes they only appear when someone smiles. Mostly dimple appeared on both cheeks, but there is also the only visible on one cheek.

Dimples are generally inherited genetically, so not everyone can have this one gift. From the research, they showed that parents who have dimples will also bear a child with dimples.

However, technological advances always managed to create something that can not be held naturally by the human. Some of this year, plastic surgeons reported receiving an increasing demand to create dimples "plastics". In the last two months alone, in England there have been increased operations by 11 percent dimple.

There is an increasing demand for dimples artificial surprising, since women now dare to do anything to be able to look like their favorite celebrities. They want to look nice just like their idol stars.

One example in the UK, celebrity role models of women is Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud singer ex newly divorced from her husband of eleven players of Chelsea, Ashley Cole.

Initially this dimple surgery popular in America, but then the fever to perform cosmetic surgery is a fever in the UK. Although this operation is possible, experts warn that this is not secure can live easily for long-term effects are unknown.

In a procedure known as "dimpleplasty" this, doctors will cut a thin layer of skin to create a small basin. The underside of the skin and then stitched into the deeper layers, so as not to loose. It then will be stitched together with the skin, and scar tissue will appear permanently, creating dimples you want it.

Artificial dimple is similar to permanent scarring, and can turn into disasters which are deliberately created, because it could face sagging with age. Increasingly wrinkled cheeks will cause follicles on both sides.

Ben Affleck with a chinApparently, this operation is not only interested in women only, the metro sexual man, too. Not only dimple surgery alone, but the operation was also in great demand around the chins of men in the world. Some of their celebrity role model is Ricky Martin and Ben Affleck looking macho and charming with a chin rest on their faces.

Do you want to have a chin dimple and the hemisphere as well?

Now, it’s no longer difficult. You just spend money on a few million dollars just to perform operations with plastic to get face and parts of his chin dimple like your idol artist

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