Burn Calories With More Variation Exercise

Burn Calories With More Variation ExerciseIf you've got to know other forms of fitness exercises that can be done alone at home, certainly exciting sport began to be felt for you. You do not need to waste money to become a member at the gym. In order to exercise more effective, follow a few tips from personal trainer these Hollywood celebrities.

It is not enough cardio exercise
Ramona Braganza, personal trainer of his clients includes Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, and Kate Beckinsale, said that one of the biggest mistakes women when fitness is only doing cardio exercises. "It causes you to look 'skinny fat', looked thin but not the body shape," he said.

In order to better shape your body, do exercises like squats and lunge strength twice a week (also use a dumbbell). This will form the muscles of a leaner, as well as encourage your metabolism.

No need to lift weights to form the body
That means you do not need to exercise hindered simply because there is no equipment in the fitness center as resistance machines. You can also get the same results using your own body weight as resistance, according to Jackie Warner, trainer from Bravo's Work Out show.

For example, push-ups
Push-ups are one example of endurance exercises using your own body. "Push-ups the right muscles for the central and upper body. This movement forms the chest, back, shoulders, arms and stomach as well, "said Warner.

To do push-ups correctly, put both hands on the floor straight below the shoulder, and stretch your legs behind you. Drag, or lock you into the belly, then hold your body in a straight line from head to heel. Slowly lower your body, elbow bent upward (not sideways), then lift it back. Although you can not do it 10 times, you still get the benefit, you know.

Pause to give quick results
Changing one or two minutes of cardio exercise (whether it's biking, jogging, or aerobics) with your normal speed with one or two minutes with more speed, it will burn fat faster than usual exercise. For even greater results, Braganza suggested exercises with a pause, which combines strength training and cardio. For example, do 10 minutes cardio, then three or four strength training movements such as lunge or bicep curls (bicep curl with a dumbbell front). Repeat two more times, and then you've done your whole body exercise during the first hour.

Energy drinks just too heavy exercise
Unless you practice hard enough, you should not have to consume energy drinks. "I have a Klin could drink a few bottles of energy drinks during the first hours of training," said Teddy Bass, trainer Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Christina Applegate. "Finally I said, 'You may have to burn 400 calories with me, but you just drank 500 calories. "

So, if you only practice for one hour's, just drink regular water.

Variations exercise more effective to reduce weight
"Our body is very smart, because it can adapt to a routine exercise in six weeks. So, you need to vary his training, "said Warner. You do not have to do exercise routines that really new to always see the results. The little things like changing the order of training are also quite helpful.

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