Say Thanks a lot the Google and the Google Translate

On the beginning of the new year, Google Update Page Rank again. The result was nice, because all four of my blog has a Page Rank already. My main blog
Journal of Balinese Girl rises from Page Rank Page Rank 3 to 4.

My new blog Learning on Perspective and Pencil Color has on Page Rank 2
And a more pleasant, my blog is More Than Words is so long entrenched in the Page Rank N / A now has a Page Rank 2

Honestly, I really hopeless with More Than Words, because so long I've been doing any business but still the Page Rank on N / A hold.

At first I thought that this blog getting banned or go google sand box. But I was never a problem at all with google. In fact, the blog was More Than Words My Google Adsense account was approved. I almost hopeless, until the end of this blog will be deleted.

But I still love, because this blog is only my blog in English. Even though the article was still learning my writings from the data collected from various sources and translate it back into English through Google Translate.

As a last resort, I tried to change my template to update home and diligent writing. I am diligently writing the article, and then promote it through blog walking. Finding back links diligently leave a comment on a blog do follow.

Although not yet proved effective but the outcome was disappointing, now my blog is More Than Words has turned into a Page Rank 2

And for all the results of my efforts, I want to say thank you to Google and Google Adsense. Hopefully my future at a time when more diligent again posting quality articles and interesting to read.

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