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Life in the digital era today, requires all fast-paced activity. Because in every second is precious time for business activities. Even in terms of food we often do not have much time to enjoy lunch in comfort.

The way of the most easy and quick to enjoy their lunch in the fast food restaurants. Don’t surprise when at lunchtime almost all fast food restaurants filled with people who want to complete their hunger.

Not all fast food restaurants provide Junk Food, even though most of both adults and children prefer to eat Junk Food. Now some fast food restaurants are modifying their business to develop a fast food become a diverse menu and meet the nutritional balance. Look at restaurants, fast food restaurants such as below, they are always packed with visitors during lunch hour and holidays.


This food was came from Italy is very popular among lovers of Junk Food. With the circle presented in the form of hot dishes, pizza has a different taste. Pizza is actually original batter plus added beef tomato paste, oregano and sprinkled with Mozzarella cheese. Now many innovations to modify the taste of pizza in accordance with our tastes.

Fried Chicken
Whether originating from countries where, the food is called: Fried Chicken, but that certainly is a very popular food. Almost everywhere there are restaurants and their Fried Chicken Fried Chicken claim that their restaurant is the Original Recipe. Vendors now also sell this dish has even become a home meal.

This food enthusiasts also come from various walks of life. From small children to adults, as well as kosher, too easy to make, cheap and delicious. Some modifications based food chicken, though not as yet very much like the Chicken Nuggets, though not as popular as Fried Chicken, Chicken Nuggets favorite feed the children.


Making burgers is very simple and quick. Only use 2 bread split and the middle section is filled with layers of sliced meat, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, tomato paste, mayonnaise and pepper the burgers are ready presented, if like cheese, just add a piece of Cheddar cheese will be a delicious Cheese Burger.

However, Burger from year to year not too much modification. At best, burgers and Chicken Beef Burger or replace the type of bread used by Croissant.

Hot Dog
For some reason this food is hot dogs, anything because the food really was originally made for dogs, but because people were like him then finally more popular Hot Dog into human food. The materials and how to make it not much different from a burger, only the meat that is not used in sheet form but in the form of sausage, so the bread is also used outside of the long form.

Japanese fast food restaurants

Although Indonesia entered a new era in the 80's, was the development of fast-food restaurant from the Sakura country enough demand, it is no wonder in a short time many Japanese fast food restaurants to grow. Perhaps because the Asian fellow then taste and sense not much different from the cuisines of Indonesia is easy in Japan received. The food is quite popular in this restaurant is usually the Shabu-shabu and shushi. Often they provide a complete package with a variety of salads as a vegetable.

Indonesian Fast Food Restaurants
Despite losing fast in the food business marketing innovation, fast food restaurants are now cooking Indonesia grew like mushrooms in the rainy season. Several restaurants in the airport, offices and public places, providing instant food that is not less delicious with food from other countries.

They simply modify the place became a place of luxury and comfort makes the popularity of Indonesian food with a view no less fast-food restaurant foreign countries. Diserve on dishes range from Sayur Lodeh, Sayur Asem, Pepes Ikan, Pindang Telor, sambal terasi and Semur jengkol.

And this is the best restaurant I like, because I am an Indonesian.

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