Choosing The Right Skin Care Products

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I think every woman in the world never out of makeup in her life around, whether it's for makeup, beautify yourself and body treatments. That's because women in the world wants to say always in beautiful by people around him.

Cosmetic products are often used for a lot of makeup usually found in the market from the low price of brand-name to a good price. But we must be vigilant so that our facial skin became damaged because of choosing cosmetics.


Bleach is used to inhibit the formation of pigment cells in order not to be dark skin. The most common materials used are the ones Hydroquinone hard enough. Concentrations commonly used by doctors ranged between 4% -5%. But to counter ideally less than 2%.

In small amounts, Hydroquinone did not kill the cells that make pigment melanocytes, but only inhibit rekasinya only. However, excessive consumption and without medical supervision can cause skin redness, burning sensation, abnormalities in the kidneys (nephropathy), leukemia, and liver cancer cells.


Anti-UV is often used as an ingredient in skin care products. Who need more frequent attention is the product that is mixed with mercury (Hg). Mercury or mercury is not only eliminate the production of pigment, but also deadly pigment-forming melanocytes.
Besides can cause black spots on the skin and allergies, use of high doses will cause permanent damage to the brain, kidney and fetal disorders, lung damage and as a carcinogenic substance.


These products are intended to collagen growth for the better, so that the skin supple and elastic back. Collagen able to hold water so the skin becomes supple and smooth. With age, collagen levels will be less and less. Thus the anti-aging products, these functions returned again with a material called tretinoin.

Tretinoin works trigger new collagen formation, but tretinoin is more effective when administered before aging skin that will slow the process, and not just as the emergence of wrinkle lines on her face. Although the result was quite good, but sometimes tretinoin effects redness.

Usually contain moisturizers can emollient of mineral oil, petroleum or hydrocarbon. Ingredients are widely used in anti-aging products. There are groups which, among other humectan of glycerin, sorbitol, lactic acid, alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) and Beta hydroxyl acid (BHA).

In a product can not be only one kind of material only, usually mixed with other materials such as emolien can be mixed with materials humectan groups. In the form of creams emolien higher levels, in the form of lotion, a higher water content.

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