The Pretty Shoes

When I browse in Internet, I found two shoes with pretty style. They were very cute.

Really, I like of both

1. Prada Shoes with Flower Heels

Prada shoes with flower heels $590, Neiman

A bouquet of blossoms is just a bunch of dead plants.

The only flowers worth presenting on Valentine Day are these Prada shoes.

Gift yourself these flower Prada shoes, slip them on your stems, and put out.

As for your toyfriend –

You can’t say “I love you” without a big, capital “I.”

2.Go Red

Jimmy Choo patent sandals $585,

Red means mad, red means blood, red means–

A color you can wear to promote National Wear Red Day, today, 24 hours set aside to raise awareness about heart disease. The number one killer of women — and their toyfriends, but who’s counting? — can be prevented.

For this, I just can say : Ough you make me brave!!

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