Mother, who are you today?

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December 22, is Hari Ibu (Mother's Day). This is the day when all the Indonesian people commemorate the service and devotion unrequited Mothers by anything.

Mothers who person gave birth to us, gives meaning to every breath, to give love to each pulse, it's not enough just by being rewarded with the commemoration of Mother's Day only. Would not be enough even with the best gift any in the world. It feels lonely life without love from my mother.

I ever felt, how unpleasant taken away from my mother, when she had to work away from family when he was assigned to Lombok for 2 years. Unkempt house and we are rarely eating a delicious dish made mothers. Almost every day I miss waiting for the mother came home. Even so, I was still lucky, because almost every day I can communicate by telephone and see her in every month.

I can not imagine the kids who can not meet with his mother. How they are longing to caress the mother. Although given abundant wealth, it still can not replace her mother. And the irony is that makes them unable to meet your mother are do by their father himself.

Selfishness and egoism of parents with their problems are making the kids as a victim in a position to take revenge on facilities either party.

Some cases are a result of public figures to make the mother's divorce had to live separately with her children are Maia Estianti, Krisdayanti, Tamara Bleszinky and Five Vi. I am truly sorry to see the suffering the fate of the relationship between mothers and their children. They not only have to live separately with their children, but also find it difficult to meet and pour out affection as a mother.

Unconsciously by not allowing the mother to see, actually their father who was himself the most good, most right and most worthy of caregivers had broken off the bond between mother and child and that would have plunged his children into the pit of sin because it does not respect a woman who birth as a mother.

If the kids hates their mother because of her mistakes, as a father, they should provide understanding to forgive the mistakes of their mothers, giving sense to continue to respect the mother who had borne in the world, because no one who escaped from all the mistakes. Not even with action decided cord affection between child and mother.

Anything about badness of our mother's behavior, she is still our mother. No body's perfect. No one can deny the destiny that he is the most worthy women in the world, because we gave birth. And as a son and daughter has become our duty to continue to respect and love Mother.


Mother, how are you today?
Here is a note from your daughter.
With me everything is ok.
Mother, how are you today?

Mother, don't worry, I'm fine.
Promise to see you this summer.
This time there will be no delay.
Mother, how are you today?

I found the man of my dreams.
Next time you will get to know him.
Many things happened while I was away.
Mother, how are you today?

I love You Mom...

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