Arrogant Press Vs Arrogant Celebrities

In the world of entertainment, there are 3 important elements that must exist and need each other, namely: the Press, Celebrities and Fans. Without one of these elements of the entertainment world will feel lonely.

The reality of interdependence is making a symbiotic mutualism that when executed with mutual benefit as will.
However, sometimes unfortunate one kisses to feel the most worthy, most powerful, most responsible, most powerful and can do anything. As if without him the world of entertainment will slow even die.

When the arrogant of Press appears, then the work done is threatened to boycott coverage of the artist, cussing, making the news too much of a negative side of the respective artists. Media judge that the artists became so great and famous are the result of hard work from the press.

Sometimes the press treated the artist nothing more than an object that can be easy targets for personal interests or work. Artists are always on hand to back down.

As Arrogant artist surfaced, the artist who was top felt that they are most needed person. Without them the press will come as mosquitoes swarmed, acted arbitrarily, as if he forgot, that he is a lot of celebrities have fans with millions eye pairs watching and following every move. Speaking rude, vulgar or inappropriate behavior will make a negative assessment of the community.

That law was applicable, mutual benefit, mutual need and mutual disadvantage.

One of the most obvious examples of this is the case with Luna Maya on Twitter status update that says "Infotainment derajatnya lebih hina dari pada pelacur, pembunuh. May ur soul burn in hell..."

This is very quite coarse and vulgar sentences, as a role model. But it's too much when the press and punish him as someone who double personality, mental illness and would boycott the preaching.

However, whether this can be done? Because the current Luna Maya is the most hunted artists associated with his love relationship with Ariel Peterpan.

As Luna Maya, the same thing had happened to Desi Ratnasari, who at that time known as the "No Comment" at each interview session.

Desi Ratnasari Although no reason to say rude and disrespectful, but again the press shows their arrogant with boycott threats, despite the fact that the press is unable to do anything because without news from Desi Ratnasari, spiritless infotainment becomes, because the artist Desi Ratnasari is the most widely hunted and news about her is the news most awaited by fans.

Press can do anything about this. They are needed a news about artist. They are needed up to date of their News.

And as an artist Desy Ratnasari don't care about of them. She need a privacy about her personal life.

Some celebrities are often an easy target because temperament trait is Azhari’s Families.

Sometimes, They are created a problem, to maintenance their career, so that the press still have the news and remain in artist preaching to his name still remains unknown.

The Friendly Press could suddenly become very cruel. But as an artist who was declared as a public figure, should be ready with all the consequences, including his personal life will become public consumption.

This is important, not merely to show his personal capacity but also to show the public as a maturity attitudes.

To response this phenomenon, should all parties be wiser in. Media is more polite in the news; artists are also more able to demonstrate achievement in order that the spotlight is the ability not just a negative attitude or just sensational news.

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