First Love

Theoretically first love can happen in any age or not happen at all. But most people had fallen in love for the first time when they were teenagers. That exciting new experience most of us remember very well during all our life. For an adult, the experience on own high school problems and the problems of their children seem very funny, silly and simple especially compared with all the difficulties of adult life. Somehow they forget how tragic and full of drama life and relationships were than in our adolescence.

Like me, as a teenager falls in love and it happens for the first time I feel all its ups and downs for the first time either. In that age I mostly enjoy myself and study the new emotions inside than show much interest for the inner world of our first boyfriend.

Once I start to show interest to the persons of the other sex and a little later instinctively choose my first love. This is will interest and trouble me during all my future life but these first steps are always the most difficult and for some of me turn to be very painful. I have a growing and changing body that I haven’t started to understand yet and a delicate soul which is so easy to hurt.

Adults very often don’t take this first affection for serious, they may laugh at it, preach, tell their children that they are too young to really feel anything.

No one can stop anybody from falling in love especially when it’s so beckoning with the novelty. Wise adults can only try to support me as a young comrade to pass this complicated with the least wounds and hurt. The feelings of adolescents are as changeable as the mood. So the first love usually goes very soon after it comes.

The first love is only the first lesson to learn but it like Alphabet stays in the basic of the whole future relationships of a human.

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