Haagen Dasz Ice Cream

Yesterday, Miss Ranie tell me that she eating Haagen Dasz Ice cream.
Hmm, I remember for few month ago when I walk at Kuta beach with my friends Erica and Yudhi.
We were very thirsty after a long walk along Kuta beach. Finally we decided to buy Ice Cream in an Haagen Dasz outlet. There are many variant Ice creams, so yummy.

Haagen Fondue was looks huge with a lot of varieties side dish which include banana,strawberry,jelly,brownies,crunchy waffle and apple. They serve with white milk base and chocolate base fondue. Forget to tell u they also serve the fondue with their ICE CREAM.

But when we are pay at the cashier, we are must pay over than 200 thousand rupiahs. Arghhh..

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