What The Meta Tag Analyzer Was Designed To Do

While not nearly as powerful as our Web Page Analyzer, the Meta Tag Analyzer does provide basic Web page search engine friendly validation.

General HTML Analysis
* Checks the server for a valid robots.txt file to make sure robots have access to the document being processed. Also checks to make sure this file exists
* Basic HTML Syntax Checking
* Basic Duplicate Tag Detection - Main Structure Only
HTML Title Tag Analysis
* Syntax Checking
* Oversize Checking

* Multiple Title Tag Detection
Meta Tag Analysis
* Syntax Checking
* Oversize Checking
* Meta Tag Keyword Spam Detection
* Multiple Meta Tag Detection

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Possible Problems You May Encounter:

1. The Meta Tag Analyzer is a combination spider and syntax checker. If you are getting results which declare your page not to contain any Tags, and you know it does, please double check your syntax. Also make absolutely sure you are using the correct URL by clicking on it.
2. With some servers our robot is unable to make a connection. This usually indicates your server is down, very slow or disallowing our robot access. If you receive an error indicating we can't connect, we apologize for this, but there is little we can do about it. We suggest you try again when your server isn't so busy and make sure your server is on-line and functioning properly.
3. In some cases our program can't find your Tags. This is usually a syntax error. ALL Title and Meta Tags MUST be located between the opening Tag and the closing Tag.
4. 99.99% of all problems reported have been because of HTML syntax errors so PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SYNTAX BEFORE TELLING US THERE IS A PROBLEM.

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